Friday, June 6, 2008

The Dems Get Away With Inaction

I was just listening to some clips from a speech that Obama gave in St. Paul last night. In it he proclaimed that he will bring the troops home from Iraq.


He knows that Reid and Pelosi have not followed though on that promise as well as their promise to impeach Bush and Cheney. They have suffered no repercussions from that whatsoever. There have been no huge demonstrations in Washington DC demanding that they do what they promised. To the contrary, they have been rewarded with honor laud and glory for their so-called "work". They have been feted by all of the liberal establishment and have faced not one cross word from any liberal pundit. Obama knows that. He also knows that there is no way under the sun that the troops could be unilaterally withdrawn from Iraq without the USA showing the terrorists that nothing has changed since the attack on the Cole and the US Embassies in Africa.

He is playing the crowd for the chumps he thinks that they are.

Since Reid and Pelosi have been in office they haven't lifted a finger to follow through on the promises that brought them to power. Some might say that the Republicans have blocked every attempt to enforce the Democrat agenda. Bull hockey! The Republicans don't have the majority in either house. The best that the Republicans can do is stall Senate action because it takes 60 votes to do much of anything important in the Senate. Besides, the Dems have the bully pulpit of the majority leaders. They could call out obstruction for what it is. They could rain down on the obstructionists the scorn and media pressure of thousands. They are the ones who can rant and rave and arm twist. But then, why should they? Not a single anti-war group has uttered so much as a peep about the lack of effort on the part of the Dems. Not one Hollywood lefty has shot his/her mouth off in criticism of Reid or Pelosi. Not a single newspaper editorial that I can find has criticized in the least Reid and Pelosi for failing to follow through on their promises. So, why should they bother to do anything to follow through on their anti-war promises? They are sitting in the proverbial catbird seat: They don't have to do anything and no one is going to blame them.

What is so totally surprising about this is that the liberal pressure groups have completely rolled over and played dead. When the Republicans controlled both houses these groups screamed bloody murder and seemed to be on the news every day demanding an immediate and complete withdrawal from Iraq. They screamed about Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. They demanded war crimes trials for Bush and Cheney. But now that they have their own folks in control of Congress who aren't lifting a finger to do what they promised---not a peep. Yet, they are getting the shaft of all shafts by their own buddies. I'm really surprised that some enterprising reporter hasn't approached the Code Pink group or other anti-war groups and asked them why they've given Reid and Pelosi a pass. Indeed, left wing news site Democracy Now has only a very few tepid and quite tangential mentions of how Reid and Pelosi have not honored their promises. Incredibly, as the left charges Bush now with murder of millions in Iraq and all sorts of crimes against humanity, not a single word is directed towards Reid or Pelosi for their lack of doing anything at all about any of it.

You would think that there would be left wing outrage. There would be massive demonstrations, screaming, vein popping speeches condemning the Democrat leadership. As I said, to be sure, there would be days of rage and nationwide moratoriums all over the place were the Republicans still in control.

Odd, isn't it? When the Dems can do something but refuse to do so, the left gives them a total pass. When the Republicans don't do what the left wants, there is screaming galore. You would think that the outrage would be directed at those most likely to change.

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