Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let the Kid's Pay for Their Nannies! ;)

Yesterday I had a chance to think a bit about the folks who are still complaining that the government has not solved all of their problems following Hurricane Katrina. I saw in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a filler piece about someone who was robbed while they were living in a FEMA trailer.

It should be no surprise that we have an entire generation coming along who thinks that government should solve all of their problems. If a storm blows down the barn and the cattle are killed that somehow the government is supposed to make them whole. But you also have some dear souls who believe, that in a case like that, government can only make things worse. So, on one hand you have folks who want government to wipe their noses, put a BandAid on their owies, and hang with them until everything is better again. But on the other hand you have folks who would just as soon punch a government bureaucrat in the nose and tell him to get the hell out of the way because you have work to do.

How about this for a solution: You want you own personal government bureaucrat to watch over you and protect you from everything from cradle to grave? Fine, we'll give you that and put you in the 75% tax bracket. We'll tax the hell outta you. You'll swear that you had moved to Sweden. But in return you have a bureaucrat wipe your nose, tell you to put a jacket on, tell you what to eat, and make sure that nothing bad will ever happen to you. You'll also have all of the health insurance that you could ever need and more. The rest of us will be taxed only enough to pay for the government services that we can't do for our self--police, fire, national defense. We're on our own for everything else. If the folks who sign up for their own personal bureaucrat want more services, well, their taxes go up to pay for it.

What to do about those who cannot afford a cradle to grave bureaucrat? Those in poverty, homeless, on welfare? I don't know!! I just think of this stuff. I can't do everything!

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