Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hugging Henrietta Hughes

Today President Obama struck out on another whirlwind media event to promote the "porkulus" package. At his townhall meeting in Fort Myers, Florida he "encountered" Henrietta Hughes, who is supposedly homeless and living in a pick-up truck. She sobbed about needing a house, a kitchen, etc. and then Obama walked over and hugged her, told it would be okay, and offered her some sort of assistance.

All very touching, if not staged. But I have a question: Why is he hugging folks who are in need and trying to screw folks who are making a living? All well and good to help this woman, but why isn't he hugging and feeling the pain of the folks who are busting their butts to make money and pay the taxes so that he can hand out trillions of dollars in pork and earmarks? How about hugging the CEO's who are creating and maintaining jobs in a lousy economic environment? How about getting all teary-eyed for the guys who are actually managing to achieve a measure of success? Instead of hugging the achievers in the marketplace, Obama is scolding and berating them and their achievements and their success, then turning around and gouging more and more tax money from them so that the failures in our society can be rewarded.

Why does someone have to fail in order for the "Hope and Change" to embrace them?

Has this country gone nuts?

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