Monday, December 1, 2008

The Lonliest People In The World

I keep searching and searching the Internet for something: A group that speaks out for the victims of islamic terrorism. There are none. Those folks who have been tortured, maimed, abused, and had family members killed and dismembered in grotesque ways, are perhaps the loneliest people in the world.
Who speaks out for them? Who makes sure that the rights of the victims are assured? When a terrorist group takes people hostage, who assures that the hostages have their human rights? Not their governments, at least for the greatest part. Most Third World countries are terrified of the terrorists and will do whatever it takes to appease them. The European countries are barely any better. France, and especially England, are close to allowing sharia law and have already given over vast sectors of land and culture to radical islam. Don't think so? Read "Londonistan", a book by Melanie Phillips. (And yes, it is banned in England as being offensive to islam and not "multi-cultural".) Don't like that one? There are many others. And we are not without blame. Zacharias Moussoui, the only 9/11 hijacker to survive never faced charges of attempting to violate the civil rights of the victims of 9/11.
Who speaks out for the victims of islamic terrorism? Not the so-called "human rights groups". At the very, very most, they give off-hand expressions of condolence to the victims. Those sentiments are usually buried in a press release expressing howling outrage at the treatment of terrorists in custody of police or military. Groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have produced volumes upon volumes of outrage at the treatment of terrorists facing prosecution for their crimes. They warn governments, police agencies, and military forces that they are constantly being watched by so-called "human rights activists" who are ready with legions of lawyers to descend at a moments notice with scads of litigation should so much as one jot or tittle of a terrorists rights or physical body be harmed. But the victim? The one whose face is permanently scarred by acid burns, the one who has had his or her tongue cut out, the who one has had their genitals mutilated, the one who has had bones permanently deformed, the family of the man or woman beheaded for the fun of seeing a beheading? Not one so-called "human rights group" has ever dispatched one attorney or given any succor at all to the victims of islamic terrorists.
Christian groups across the globe have dropped the ball as well. There is no ministry that I've ever heard of that has reached out to the victims or their families. Some, particularly the liberal denominational Christians, have gone so far as to meet and try to be friendly with islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. None have ever set foot in a hospital or met an actual victim of these despicable terrorists. Indeed, on some occasions they have even sided with the terrorists and sought to justify their acts of terror. A while back there was some small ballyhoo about a liberal Christian group that was formed to support the victims of torture. I contacted them, excited about the possibility that finally someone was going to take on the task of standing with the victims of islamic terror. I was told tersely that they were only interested in helping the victims of torture by the USA. Apparently they were more interested in supporting Khalid Sheik Mohammed than his victims.
The answer is that no one, not a single group out there stands with the victims of islamic terrorists. Not governments, not the UN, not the so-called "human rights groups", not Christian groups. No one. If you or a family member have been tortured or killed by islamic terrorists the rest of the world says to you: "Good luck. Don't bother telling us how things turn out." The folks who were injured or killed in Mumbai? The world says to you: "Meh!"

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