Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whither the "Anti-War" Protestors?

Russia invades Georgia, a nascent democracy. Gobs of civilians killed. Russia thumbs its nose at negotiated cease-fires. More and more it appears that Russia wants to crush Georgia and control the oil pipelines that run through it.

Where are the "Anti-War" groups? Here's an interesting blog that researched that question. The writer of the blog has more time than I do. Where are the Hollywood lefties who screech about every move by the US military? Jane Fonda? Barbra Streisand? Whoopi Goldberg? Rosie O'Donnell? Martin Sheen? Haven't heard a word from them. The groups that scream about "No Blood For Oil" haven't said anything when Russia invades for what is beginning to appear to be a quest to control major pipelines to Europe. What about all of the pulpits in the liberal churches in this country? A quick check of the denominational web sites reveals no mention of the Russian invasion of Georgia. Are they only anti-war when the USA is involved? Where are the peace group protests in front of Russian embassies world-wide?

Locally, where are those punks who vandalized the Army recruiting office on the east side? Indeed, where are all of the college "peace protesters and activists"? Not a word.

What's even more distressing is that not one reporter has apparently bothered to call up any of these folks and ask them "You have any comment on the Russian invasion of Georgia?" You'd think that one reporter somewhere would get some gumption and look into the story of the stunning silence by so-called "Anti-War" groups as pertains to one of recent history's most egregious violations of national borders.

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