Friday, August 15, 2008

Still No "Anti-War" Protests Against Russia

I was doing some checking of the websites of the usual suspects in the leftie so-called "anti war" groups. Most of them are breathing, indeed almost hyperventilating, regarding the possibility of the USA invading or attacking Iran. Nothing has even happened there yet and probably won't.

Yet, with an actual war going on, where a super power invades a tiny, new-born democracy, the sound of silence from these same so-called "anti war" groups is deafening.

Hypocrites. Here they have an actual war to protest and--they do nothing. These same folks pride themselves in the "anti war" protests that they've attended denouncing the USA. They have "STOP the war!" and "War is never the answer!" signs in their front yard and on their car. Yet, an actual war happens and they are silent. If they are truly against war, then why do they have to wait until some group's leadership tells them to protest? Why not put up signs demanding that Russia get out of Georgia now?

As I said, they are hypocrites. The press should remember that the next time these hypocrites try to get coverage for a so-called "anti war protest".

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