Tuesday, August 26, 2008

THIS Is What Passes For Political Discourse These Days?

Michelle Malkin gets accosted by a totally apoplectic left wing nut job. Apparently yelling anything that comes to your mind is discourse. Note her reserve and class in dealing with this jerk.

I'm reminded of this quote: "And isn’t this an outgrowth of the, of the hatred that seems to have been injected into what has in the past has been simply normal competition and normal rivalry and certainly election year emotionalism and all. But if something is to be done about this kind of tragedy for anyone, isn’t it necessary that all of us review our own attitudes and say yes, it is possible for men and women of good will to differ, to have opposing viewpoints, to discuss and debate them, and perhaps never to come to agreement on them, but as God is in his heaven do we have to hate each other to the point that people with less balance are stimulated to deeds of this kind?"
–California Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan’s off the cuff remarks on May 15th 1972 in reaction to an assassination attempt on Alabama Governor George Wallace during a campaign appearance for 1972 Democrat Presidential primaries.

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