Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What If We Cool The Earth Too Much?

Now that the winsome idiots that we have in Washington have determined that the Earth is warming and the USA's industry, jobs, economy, and working class pocketbooks are at fault, and that legislation passed before anyone can read it is the solution, we must ask ourselves some questions. I've asked these before and not one global warming/global climate change believer can answer them.

Following the Ice Age the Earth warmed, was that a good or bad thing? Were there SUV's, coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, that caused that warming trend? If Congress and the UN and the "scientific consensus" had been around back then, would they have tried to stop it? Were the campfires that Ogg and Thag used to cook their sabre-toothed tiger steaks the cause of the global warming? If the solution to arresting global warming were to live more primitive lifestyles, would we have to live more primitively than did the caveman?

At what point will we know that we have cooled the Earth enough? 5 years? 10 years? 100 years? When will we know if we have cooled the Earth too much? How long will it take before we discover that our conservation efforts have caused a global ice age? Will the scientists then suggest that we drive SUV's, use more coal-fired power plants, return to using incandescent light bulbs?

Since the Earth has recently been in a cooling (and not warming) trend and this trend could continue for the next 10 years, how will we know if our efforts have had any effect? What criteria are being used to decide how much is natural warming/cooling and how much is man/made? Precisely what criteria are going to be used to measure the efficacy of this legislation? Who decides what these criteria are?

Since "scientific consensus" is all the rage, who decides how many climatologists constitutes a "consensus"? Indeed, is the "consensus" composed entirely of climatologists? Who decides the composition of the "consensus"? What if a new "consensus" declares that the old "consensus" is all wet? Is a "consensus" of idiots more correct than a minority of scholars?

These are just some of the questions that I have and that, sadly, not one adherent of the global warming theory has yet to answer.

And judging by the rush to idiocy shown by our parliament of whores, I seriously doubt that we'll ever have an answer, at least until we are huddling around a campfire like our Ice Age caveman ancestors did.

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