Friday, December 5, 2008

Do the Big Three Know What They Are In For?

Today the CEO's of the Big Three automakers again prostrate themselves before Congress in a plea for money. Do they realize that if they get that money they suddenly have a 535-member committee running their companies? Might I add that that committee is largely devoid of any knowledge of how to run a major corporation? True, the committee can not do any worse than the corporations have already done. But is that the level of accomplishment that is needed? Add to the fact that there are scads of special interest groups that will want to tell the Big Three, via the "select committee 535", how to run their companies and what types of cars to produce.

We are told that bankruptcy is the worst thing that can happen to these companies and the country if they go bankrupt. I aver that being ruled by a committee of 535 incompetents is even worse than that.

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