Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why The LEFT Fears an Obama Presidency

The old saw about a dog that chases cars and doesn't know what to do when it finally catches one might be coming true. The left might just get what they want--their own president and a super-majority in the Senate. Although each day it looks less and less likely all of that will happen, the left, I think, will actually harbor secret relief if McCain wins or they fail to gain a super-majority. For 8 years the left has virtually written a rule book on what is proper ground for criticism of a president. Many of these rules are downright scary in and of themselves. Yet, the left always justified these rules in the name of preserving this country from totalitarian rule by Bush. They never seemed to think ahead to the day when one of their own would be president. Now, to quote Rev. Jeremiah Wright, their "chickens are comin' home to roost". All of the rules that they so strongly argued for are going to get applied to their own guy.

First off, in the 8 years of the George W. Bush presidency the left has established an impossibly high standard for the president--absolute and total perfection. Zero mistakes. Never so much as a hair out of place, a wrong facial expression, or tip of the hat. Obama has never held an executive position. As with any legislator, specifically a US Senator (however brief), he's been a consensus builder and not the final decision-maker. In short, especially early on in an Obama presidency, he is going to make some hugely awful decisions and the left will have to excuse him, explain him, and exonerate him. In short, they will have to cut him slack that they never cut George W. Bush. They will be spending a lot of time and political capital explaining away their hypocrisy.

Second, there are ghosts in the Obama closet--lots of ghosts--big time ghosts--ghosts that we don't even know about yet. How could there not be? He has spent a lot of his life on the political trail, especially in Chicago politics that is anything but neat and orderly. We know by his own admission that he has associated himself with unsavory characters such as Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and so forth. What other relationships did these relationships lead to? The leftist conspiracy theorists (now there is a scary crowd for you!) had a field day with George W. Bush's extended circle of friends. They tied those folks into all sorts of conspiracies. What are they going to say, then, when the rule of unsavory relationships gets applied to their guy and woven into some really bizarre conspiracy theories? How are they going to explain how they could demand that their conspiracy theories, no matter how loony, regarding GWB be accepted at face value and the conspiracy theories regarding Obama are considered to be out of bounds?

Third, left-wing artists had a field day creating all sorts of disgusting and degrading works about George W. Bush. The right-wing artist colony is tiny, to be sure, yet it is there. The leftists made a point of demanding that ALL artwork no matter how disgusting and degrading was the First Amendment right of any artist and therefore must be protected, if not celebrated. We had movies about Bush being assassinated. We had degrading, Photo shopped pictures of him and his family. There were wanted posters, filthy songs, and you name it. Comedians and singers mocked him unmercifully. All of this was rationalized by the left as within artistic bounds. Now, their guy is looking like he will inherit the White House. What are they going to say when offensive artwork is produced about their guy? How are they going to rationalize why it should be banned or censored while the stuff about Bush was supposed to be celebrated?

Fourth, one of the laws of economics is that the rich will get richer and the poor poorer. If you understand the economic brackets (called "quintiles") you understand that the very rich cannot move up any further and the very poor cannot move down any further. So, the folks in both of those brackets get "richer" and "poorer". So, how will the left explain that, even though they are "spreading the wealth around", the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer?

Fifth, they have promised the moon with the Obama presidency. The Obama proposals amount to something like $1 trillion in new spending. Even now the Obama team is laying out the strategy of reducing the expectations that their guy has raised. He has promised us lower gas prices, higher wages, more jobs, cleaner air, lower ocean levels, free mortgages, and on and on. Somehow he is going to have to explain away why almost none of this is going to happen. If, and this is the left's biggest fear of all, they end up increasing the majorities in both houses of Congress and get a super-majority in the Senate, they will have no one to blame if they fail at anything. Oh, they will try. "It was worse than we thought!" they will try to say. But they have had two years of being the majority in both houses already. How will they be able to say that they were ignorant of anything?

Sixth, if Obama gets his way and government spending increases and with it taxes, there is going to be a slowdown in the economy. From an economics standpoint, you cannot take money out of a receding economy and expect it to reinvigorate. Again, ALL of the blame will fall on the shoulders of the left. They have the presidency and both houses. How are they going to explain this?

In all of these cases they will likely try to blame the Bush administration. "Well, if they hadn't of screwed it up so bad..." But the American public doesn't swallow excuses like that. He's gone, they say, and you were hired to fix it. The left has never been very good about accepting criticism. Remember what happened when you challenged that lefty professor in college? Talk about temper tantrums! I'm sure that what will pass for defense of the failures of the Obama administration will be insulting invective thrown at the questioner, vile name-calling, questioning of the critic's intelligence, and the classic "well, Bush was worse!"

"Lefty" the dog is chasing a car and is getting oh so close to catching it. As he does he gets more and more worried about what he is going to do with the thing once he has it in his jaws.

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