Friday, November 28, 2008

My Heart Cries for India

Anyone who has followed the news the last few days must certainly be crying for India and lifting her up in your prayers. Islamic terrorists have killed 140 innocent people, people who merely wanted to go about their lives in peace. Included in that number were an American rabbi and his daughter. The islamic terrorists were reportedly targeting Americans, Brits, and Jews.

Disgustingly enough, so-called "human rights groups" are completely silent on this wholesale slaughter of the human rights of 140 people who were in no way involved with whatever it is that the terrorists oppose. Indeed, the euphemistically named Human Rights Watch has no comment at all. The only thing that they report about India is a week-old story that, ironically, denounces some Indian police officers for supposedly torturing islamic terrorists in their custody! Amnesty International USA has a very tepid press release regarding the attacks in India. They do not directly denounce the islamic terrorists. Indeed, they don't even call the attackers terrorists. Without having a background on the event, you could even read the press release as the Indian government did the attacking!

Why anyone gives those so-called "human rights groups" any shred of credibility at all is beyond me.

Pray for India. Please pray for India.

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