Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Grief! The Ego Of The Man!

Anyone see some ego in this? "The Office Of The President Elect"? Has any president before done something that egotistical and no one has mentioned it? If he has such a swelled head now what is he going to be like a year from now?
Make no mistake, for the sake of the country I hope to God that this guy succeeds in repairing things. But with such a massive ego he is priming himself to have a huge fall.
By the way, I was watching this announcement of his economic team while I was working out. The cable network had the Dow index in an window. on the lower edge of the screen. An interesting things was watching the Dow Jones industrial average. It started at 325 when he walked out on stage and promptly went into a tailspin to a low of about 189. To be fair, it is up to about 250 and change right now.

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