Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Booth Brothers Are Back!

Oh man, I'm just a fiend for great Southern Gospel music. The contemporary Southern Gospel with great harmonies and orchestra backing just get me vibrating!

This Saturday the 20th one of the best Southern Gospel groups out there will singing at the Fine Arts Center at Sussex Hamilton High School. They are The Booth Brothers and they are the most awarded group in Southern Gospel music today. What is amazing is that they are a trio! Yet their singing has all of the power and tight harmony of any quartet. Last year I saw them at a performance in Menomonee Falls and I can honestly say that was one of the most fun nights of Christian music that I've ever had. It isn't just a concert, it's a show. Topping it off they sprung a surprise guest on us: Bill Shaw, one of the founding members of the Blackwood Brothers back in the late 40's. Now in his 80's the guy can sing! He had us on our feet cheering and clapping as he did a couple old Gospel numbers.

The opening act for The Booth Brothers is Eternity, a local Southern Gospel quartet that is really on the edge of breaking out into big time. So, it will be quite a night to remember. Can't wait to be there. Good seats still remain and the show starts at 7PM.

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