Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cops Ignoring DUI's For Harley Riders??

I saw on the MJS web site that last night they were lined up 5-deep at the beer stands in the Summerfest grounds. On Fox6 I saw Chris Goodman reporting from what appeared to be a very boozy party on Water Street. Today all of those riders again invaded the Summerfest grounds where I'm sure there is a beer vendor or two.

Can someone explain to me just how the hell this doesn't end up to be scads of drunk driver arrests? Every event these Harley riders are involved in seems to include lots of beer. Yet, I'm hearing from the cops that the crowd is amazingly well-behaved.

Now c'mon, all summer long we've been treated to commercials and news stories about how cops are cracking down on DUI in Wisconsin. The .08 level for intoxication means only a few beers and you are legally drunk. "You gotta have a designated driver if you are going to drink!" is hammered into us all of the time. Well, I don't know how you'd have a designated driver for a motorcycle. But just judging from the TV coverage of the parties, I'd say that there are plenty of Harley riders who are in no condition to drive their bikes.

So, I'm left with two points to consider: First, the cops have been instructed to look away when it comes to drunk driving for Harley rider. Second, if the cops aren't looking away then the Harley folks have some really highly refined technique for drinking scads of booze and still remaining sober enough to drive. If that is the case, they should share that secret with the rest of us.

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