Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here's Some Good News About the Great Lakes

Did you know that with all of the doom and gloom about the Great Lakes and how global warming is causing them to dry up that they are actually making an incredible rebound? Check this out from the Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping website (it originates from the Duluth News Tribune):

Lake Superior continues rapid rise

7/8 - Duluth - Lake Superior rose by six inches in June, double the usual increase for the month, and now sits 15 inches above its July level last year. The International Lake Superior Board of Control reports that Superior sits just five inches below its average level for July.
Rainfall during June, especially the first half of the month, was well above normal, helping fill Superior’s tributaries and eventually the big lake itself. Duluth received 5.21 inches of rain in June, an inch more than usual. Except for a few, dry winter months, Lake Superior has been on a rapid rise toward levels normal since September after setting new monthly low water level records and brushing with the 80-year-old all time low water record.
Lakes Michigan and Huron rose six inches in June, when they on average rise two inches, and now sit six inches higher than July, 2007 but still 14 inches below their long-term average.

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