Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes We Can! We're the USA Dammit!!!

I am sick and tired of hearing the enviro-extremists telling us that "we can't drill our way out of this mess". Obama has based his entire energy policy on the statement that "we can't" and that crude oil from Alaska or the Outer Continental Shelf wouldn't be hitting the gas pumps for at least 10 years.

Well, to quote John Belushi in "Animal House" "nothing is over until we say it is."

Perhaps we need to remind folks of this nation's accomplishments and how we have repeatedly dumbfounded the "experts".
  • We committed ourselves to going to the moon in less than ten years time. We did it, even with a major accident that killed three astronauts and caused a long delay in the process.
  • We went from a naval fleet decimated at Pearl Harbor to a world power on the waves in less than 4 years.
  • Our shipyards went from nearly dormant to cranking out "Liberty Ships" at a rate of one per month. One ship, the Robert E. Peary, was built in 5 days!
  • Remember how we were told that it would take years, 10 or more and some said even 50 years, to put out the fires and cap the wells that Saddam Hussein order sabotaged after the first Gulf War? We did it in less than one year.

Folks, it is in the American spirit to do the impossible. This country has always done it. We've risen to every challenge. When you tell an American that he can't do something, he ALWAYS looks for a a way to do it. You lay a profit incentive out there, get the hell out of the way because there are a whole bunch of hungry entrepreneurs who will be looking to snatch the gold ring.

The only limiting factor in all of this is the years of liberal education telling all of our youth that we are a bunch of losers who have never and can never do anything right. How many kids, I wonder, have been taught as fact that every accomplishment of the American spirit has been something stolen from someone else, or was illegally done, or unethically done, or done on the back of poor people?

Perhaps this country rising to the challenge of providing for our crude oil needs from our own reserves and doing it in record time will again imbue us with that quintessential American "Can Do!" spirit. To be sure, there will be tons of folks telling us that we can't or trying to throw roadblocks in the way. But there always have been those types. I call them "liberals" and by this great accomplishment they will be ashamed.

That is why they oppose it.

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