Monday, June 9, 2008

Why McCain Will Lose: #1 He Refuses a Meeting With Billy Graham

Another reason why I'm so pessimistic about McCain's chances. He just blew off an invitation to set up a meeting with evangelical Christian leader the Rev. Billy Graham. McCain somehow feels that he can do this because evangelicals have nowhere to go. He's wrong. According to the story:

But McCain’s team is missing the fact that the vacuum created by the GOP’s divorce from them is being filled by the Democrats.
Both Clinton and Obama have been quietly courting evangelicals, the former in private meetings last year and the later with open, religious language.

Besides, the evangelical vote is notoriously fickle. Speaking as an evangelical Christian, I can tell you that my friends will never hold their nose and vote. They will vote their faith. You blow them off, they will blow you off and find a candidate that they can support. And yes, they will refuse to vote for anyone before they vote for someone who does what McCain just did.

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