Monday, May 26, 2008

Soros Attempts to Profit at the Expense of the Economy

I've always been suspicious when billionaire investors expound on what the economy needs or doesn't need. But when the billionaire investor is George Soros, well I'm EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS!

Note what gets buried in the last two paragraphs:

Soros has frequently been a voice of gloom and doom as the U.S. economy slows amid a wrenching housing crisis and tightening credit. But the pessimism hasn't stopped his fund from making money.
According to Institutional Investor's Alpha Magazine, the Quantum Endowment Fund ? which Soros no longer manages ? made US$2.9 billion (?1.8 billion) last year with returns of over 30 percent.

Yeah, that sounds pretty typical--set up your billions in investments for an economic trend and then use your bully pulpit to make sure that the economy heads your way. Yup, typical selfish liberal billionaire.

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