Friday, May 23, 2008

I Hate To Say This, But...

Something has been chewing on me since I watched video of the Senate hearings with the oil company executives. After a day of quiet reflection I think I may be onto something.

Did anyone else notice the entire lack of actually looking for a solution on the part of the Dems and, sadly, the Republicans? They postured, bloviated, and posed for holy pictures. But they did nothing of substance. They asked no questions of substance. Our own Sen. Herb Kohl, in a rare instance of actually being asked to DO something, mumbled a bit, whined that the executives are making too much (Herb, take a look at the Milwaukee Bucks' salaries lately?), then retreated to wherever it is that Herb hides when trying to avoid work. But nothing, absolutely nothing, came from the hearings. That is, unless you count a very sophomoric "Dude, did you see what I called him right to his face?"

That's not to say that the industry execs didn't try to get some info into the hands of the Senators. The problem is that most of the time the Senators were trying to score points with their voters rather than fix a problem. (See aforementioned "Dude...") Here you had the experts of the oil industry, certainly they know more about it than the Senators who were sitting there in a near catatonic state, and yet no one bothered to really ask these guys "Gentlemen, what can you gentlemen and us, working together, do to solve this problem?" I've come to the conclusion that none of the Senators, neither Republican nor Democrat, actually want to do anything to solve this problem. The Democrats are wholly-owned and operated by big business. They certainly don't want to p/o their new buddies in corporate America. The Republicans are scared of their own shadows. Seeing as how the writing on the wall is that the Republicans are going to lose seats in November, they don't want to do anything that could cost them so much as one vote. Cowards!

So, nothing gets done. But then, that's the objective. Don't actually FIX the problem, just LOOK like you're fixing the problem It is the ultimate game of style over substance. Actually fixing the problem might result in tough decisions where one political party might be able to put the blame for a bad fix on the other political party. Or, Heavens of Heavens! the folks at home might have to be told that they are going to have to sacrifice for the sake of actually getting something done. Or, what's the worst of all, some pressure group might be told that their spotted owl is not as important as the entire US industrial economy and that the owl is going to have to get used to the fact that oil derricks are next door to its precious home.

We're sitting on massive oil reserves when other countries are drilling theirs; our petroleum infrastructure is in terrible shape and severely antiquated; and our energy policy is dictated by caribou and rare fish. But all our national leaders want to do is look good for the cameras. All they want to do is thump themselves on the chest and say "Yup, I really told that rich oil exec a thing or two." Yeah, well, you really told him a thing or two. But you didn't listen, you didn't learn anything, and above all you have accomplished exactly squat. So, what's your point?????? Are you worth keeping in office? Or have we just sent you there to satisfy your monstrously huge ego?

I hate to say this but, unless we vote out these worthless dolts, we deserve these high prices.

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