Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well, This Didn't Take Long, Did It?

A local blogger posits that the recent elections were rigged:

Did Gableman and Scott Walker walk away with the election? 51-49.... on equipment proven to be corruptible... not voter fraud... I'm saying Election Fraud. The deliberate and intentional act of tampering with equipment, software and/or registry to throw an election?
Who stands to gain? not us I'm afraid... Gableman will preside over cases where corporate responsibility will be challenged... where monsters like WalMart will be suing employees for the fine print in their employment contract... and with Gableman... its a slam dunk. Who benefits from a thrown election?
Walker has been handled by higher-ups since winning the recall election... he's being tailored for a higher role... he can't be deposed, even though an overwhelming number of citizens from both sides of the aisle, vehemently disagree with his antics...
If it is that easy to throw both the 2000 and 2004 elections... and during the record turnouts of the 2006 elections... with the record number of close races swinging to the Dems... Odd why the RNC saw fit to not challenge a one??? Perhaps, someone didn't want us to find out, they lost by far wider margins, using election fraud...
Can't happen? Conspiracy? Perhaps, but why not be informed as to our electronic system... and the unusual rules surrounding its use and abuse. Watch This and respond.

Of course it couldn't possibly be that Scott Walker and Mike Gableman won on their merits! The voters are simply too stupid to make their own selections.

The "caring and compassionate" libs just can't seem to be caring and compassionate enough to let the public choose whom they want in office.

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