Sunday, January 13, 2008

This Guy Nails It!

I was reading Michelle Malkin's blog and she referenced a Canadian case where a magazine publisher got hauled before a so-called "civil rights commission" because he dared (the horror of it all!) to publish cartoons depicting Mohammad. A radical islamist imam in Alberta filed a complaint. This is what happens when government decides to stick its nose into defining what is free speech. Listen to the publisher's opening statement.

Then I'd recommend reading Ezra Levant's blog about the whole affair. It is stunning that any free government would subject a publisher to such an inquisition. What is even more galling is that this commission passes judgement on who the publisher can and cannot have present during the interrogation. The complainant doesn't even have to show up and pays no fee for filing the complaint. This publisher is forced to pony up for a lawyer to defend himself. Sick!

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